Midas Funds

Midas Perpetual Portfolio (MPERX)

Net Asset Value as of June 23, 2016

FundSymbolClosingNet Change
Midas Perpetual PortfolioMPERX 0.88 0.00

Morningstar Investment Profile

MIDAS PERPETUAL PORTFOLIO seeks to preserve and increase the purchasing power value of its shares over the long term. The investment strategy of the Fund acknowledges a broad range of economic possibilities and seeks to incorporate investments appropriate for each of them. Investors who wish to invest all or a portion of their capital in a way that does not depend on any particular outcome for the economy should consider purchasing shares in the Fund.

In pursuit of its investment objective, the Fund normally seeks to invest in the following investment categories in accordance with the following Target Percentage Ranges, subject to certain quarterly and other adjustments:

Investment Category Target Percentage Ranges
Swiss Franc Assets
Hard Asset Securities
Large Capitalization Growth Stocks

Pending investment or if the Fund’s investment manager determines that market conditions warrant, the Fund may hold cash, money market funds, money market instruments, bank deposits, investment grade, short term corporate bonds and banker’s acceptances, and similar investments without limit. The Fund may also make these investments for temporary defensive purposes. Accordingly, from to time, the Fund’s actual percentage of its total assets invested in a given investment category may vary from its Target Percentage Range, sometimes substantially. Also, from time to time, the Fund may use leverage to increase its investments.

Midas Perpetual Portfolio is subject to the Principal Risks associated with market fluctuations, foreign investment, pricing, non-diversification, investments in gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals, natural resource companies, investments companies and ETFs, depletion and exploration risk, in-kind redemptions, securities selection, securities lending, Swiss franc assets, real estate companies, and fixed income securities risk.